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Jacob Lovett is an American artist most notably known for his contemporary western oil paintings. Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas his work is heavily influenced by the western lifestyle and culture that has surrounded him since he was a kid. Although he does not wear the title cowboy his admiration for the lifestyle and ethos that they carry with them to this day is what draws him to this subject matter. His signature "Western Windows" stylization serves as a motif to his personal relationship with this subject matter.

The driving force behind his craft takes place through the experiences made during his travels. Being able to capture these people, places and moments first hand and return to his studio to share their stories on canvas enables him to gain a deeper understanding and connection between himself and his subjects.

Today, Lovett works primarily in oil paints, with a focus in contemporary western subject matter, using old masters techniques in a minimalistic approach to achieve aesthetically clean, yet strikingly realistic compositions. 

You can find his work at Commerce Gallery in Lockhart, TX



Lovett grew up drawing throughout his youth and took a few art classes during his time at The University of Mississippi but it wasn't until he graduated from Ole Miss in 2017 that he started to recognize art as more than just a hobby.


In the spring of 2018, Lovett was approached by a friend to paint a commission piece for their family. Never painted before, he accepted this project without any proper training, purchased the required materials and looked up "How to Paint" on YouTube. After days of work he delivered them the finished piece. That moment led him to seek out proper training and went on to study under Laert Aleksi Xhaferi of Studio Sabka.

From 2018 to 2020, Lovett would take a few hours of weekly instruction at the studio, developing the skills and confidence needed to create on his own. After being let go from his corporate job during the 2020 pandemic, Lovett decided to go all in on his craft and in 2021 Lovett became a full time artist while simultaneously opening his shared studio space, Muse.


Lovett has been recognized in Southwest Art Magazine's 21 under 31 Young Artists To Watch and has been featured in publications such as Cowgirl Magazine and Fort Worth Magazine. You can hear his story in his own words on his latest interview with NBC5 Texas Today. Please see all links below. 


Upcoming Shows

August 2023, Commerce Gallery, Lockhart, TX

Solo Shows

2022 Blinders on Tour, The Gage Hotel, Marathon, TX

2022 Blinders, Love Texas Art, Fort Worth, TX  

Group Shows

2023, Commerce Gallery, Lockhart, TX

2021 8th Rising Star Exhibition, Turner House, Dallas, TX 

2021 New Texas Talent XXVIII Exhibition, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX 

2021 Beauty | Authenticity, Studio Sabka, Fort Worth, TX  

2019 Liberated, Studio Sabka, Fort Worth, TX  

2019 Room With A View, Studio Sabka, Fort Worth, TX  

2018 Spellbound, Studio Sabka, Fort Worth, TX  


Media & Publication 

Tecovas, How Our Friends Are Spending The Holidays, November 2023

Cowgirl Magazine, Western Art We Love - Jacob Lovett, November 2023

Fort Worth Magazine, 9 Muses of Western Art | Fort Worth Magazine, September 2023

NBC5 Texas Today, Capturing the cowboy lifestyle with Jacob Lovett, August 2023

Southwest Art Magazine, 21 Under 31 | Young Artists to Watch 2023, August/September 2023

Fort Worth Report, Fort Worth artist saddles up for first solo exhibition as Fall Gallery Night approaches, August 2022


Artsy Scoop, Artist Spotlight - Jacob Lovett,  Fort Worth, TX, February 2022

Rippie Writes, Fort Worth-based painter and Ole Miss Alum Jacob Lovett, MPW Digital Podcast, Dallas, TX, August 2021


Meet Jacob Lovett | Artist & Founder of Muse, Shoutout DFW, Dallas, TX, May 2021 

Ep.1 Guest: Jacob Lovett, Artist & Founder of Muse, Cat of Many Colors Podcast, Fort Worth, TX, January 2021 covers

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