Commission Piece Gift Card

Commission Piece Gift Card

By purchasing a Commission Piece Gift Card you will receive a 1 of 1 original piece of art created by Jacob Lovett.


Commission Pricing is based off of many things such as experience, time, subject matter, amount of subjects and so much more but the pricing differentiation is most easily separated by the size of the canvas which you will see below.


Starting prices include:


$2,500 for a 2ft x 2ft canvas

$3,000 for a 2ft x 3ft canvas

$3,500 for a 3ft x 3ft canvas

$4,000 for a 3ft x 4ft canvas

$5,000 for a 4ft x 4ft canvas

$5,500 for a 4ft x 5ft canvas

$6,500 for a 5ft x 5ft canvas


An additional $1,000 will be added on to any size that is requested to be painted in full color.


Any other variatiants in sizing will be dicsussed in further detail. Custom canvas sizes equals custom pricing.


This piece comes unframed.


Shipping will be assessed based off of location of the destination after painting is completed and will be taken care of by the purchaser.


A written contract is to be signed by both parties in order to start on commission work.


If you have any questions before purchasing this item, please feel free to reach out via email at